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Event History

In 2018 Karl Marshall and a small dedicated group of volunteers managed to pull off what some people said would never happen in Guernsey. A closed road rally similar to what our sister island had been running for over 30 years. It was never going to be a massive event with 16 special stages, consisting of no longer than a mile per stage. Against all odds, it happened and with an entry of 25 cars. the first guernsey rally took place with great responses from crews and spectators alike. With Jersey crew Ross Le Noa and Dom Volante taking the honours

2019 and the second running of the event took place place over Friday evening and saturday. With 8 short stages to open proceedings, With another 16 on the Saturday. this time with entries up in thirties and more guernsey crews with newer and uprated machinery to compete and the seasoned Jersey crews. however the result was the same as 2018 with Le Noa and Volante taking the top spot. can they make it 3 from 3 and complete the hat trick of wins. 

Committee Members

Chairman: Karl Marshall

Vice Chairman: Ian Le Page

Secretary: Heather Robilliard

 Rally Secretary and PR: Caren Videmour

Rally Manager: 

Other Members

Karl Robert, Gary Robert, 

W arren Boscher, John Robert

Sally Robert Graham Robert

Webmaster: Warren Boscher

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